Despite recent heat lower Mckenzie is fishing fair

On Friday evening¬†I met up with Matt and Mark for a quick post work float from Deerhorn to Hendricks Bridge. Granted, I’d prefer to fish higher in the watershed but short on time we stayed low and caught a mix of natives and planters–the first fish was a pretty 12″ native.¬† Fish ate #12 Possie Buggers on the dead drift and the swing as well as a #10 Prince Nymph and a halfback golden stone. When the hatch came off, there were a lot of little yellow stones, some yellow caddis and a few bigger golden stones. In addition to the trout, Mark also caught a “nice” whitefish:

Whitefish Love

You have to love that face at least a little!

This was Mark’s first trip on the Mckenzie and hopefully I got him warmed up for the nice float he is taking with Chris from Paradise to Silver Creek today.–KM

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