Mckees Rubber Legs Tungsten brown and yellow

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McKees Rubber Legs Tungsten brown and yellow
We have been fishing this fly on the Middle Fork of the Willamette, Mckenzie and Deschutes for a few years now. It is an easy one to tie and imitates a golden stonefly nymph nicely. The tungsten bead helps it get down in the fastest flows. This is a great “tool” fly to tie on a smaller dropper off the hook bend. However many a spring day this one has been the preferred imitation.

McKee's rubber legs tungsten brown and yellow

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2 Responses to Mckees Rubber Legs Tungsten brown and yellow

  1. Andrew says:

    Kickin it off……. great pattern :) but anyway I think I might try it out other than my kaufmans golden stonefly and see what produces better.

  2. David Swart says:

    Love the simple patterns like the one here,just bye chaning the color of the variegated chenille,bead and rubber legs the flies you create are endless (stones,dragonflies,or whatever),work’s on bass,trout,steelhead or panfish.

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