Soulfish: Adventure angling video review

Earlier this year, Mikey Wier and his crew launched Soulfish, a new angling adventure video. You may have seen Mike in the Angling Exploration Group’s Trout Bum Diaries Patagonia video from a few years ago. If you’ve seen that, you know he can fish — and he does it again here: fighting Mongolian taimen on a broken rod, tying a “squirrel” pattern on location, and generally working over some big fish all over the globe.

Soulfish runs about 90 minutes — giving you your money’s worth. And it covers some of great fly fishing destinations, including Brazil, Mongolia, the Gulf of Mexico and Christmas Island. The footage is solid and the fish are big — excellent fish porn in my opinion.

But as with porn, you’re not really in it for the acting. The transitions between scenes are really cheesy (like local used car lot TV ad bad). I’d like to hear a little more on conservation issues as well.

I should also admit that Felt Soul Media broke the grading curve. If you don’t know who Felt Soul is, stop reading this and go buy Running Down The Man, today from the Caddis Fly. They have at least one copy in the back of the shop. Those guys are Big Lebowski good.

My recommendation — go buy SoulFish, crack a beer, and get out the vise and tie some streamers for that Brazil trip you’re going to end up booking when it’s over.

If you want to pick up a copy at the shop, call (541) 342-7005.

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