Steelheaders address potential Oregon Wave Energy concerns

An article in the spring 2008 newsletter of the Association of Northwest Steelheaders addresses the potential fisheries concerns regarding Oregon’s plans to locate new wave energy farms two to four miles offshore in the Pacific.

The wave farms would be located in water 150-240 feet deep, in some of the most productive fishing grounds off the Oregon coast. The problem is that these farms would require anglers to steer clear — limiting local fishing grounds for recreational and commercial fishermen.

But since one of these farms could power an area the size of Newport and Toledo, according to the article, this clean power seems to be an inevitable alternative energy source. With dams already decimating our salmon populations, it’s hard to argue against clean alternatives.

That’s why fishermen have organized a group called Fishermen Involved in Natural Energy (FINE). The group consults Lincoln County on site selection for some of the new wave energy farms and will try to mitigate negative impacts of fisheries and fishing.

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