How to tie the Green McKenzie Caddis Fly

Get ready, because it’s been a high-water winter and the McKenzie River Green Caddis hatch should be a major event this spring. In these videos, The Caddis Fly’s Chris Daughters demonstrates how to tie this classic Oregon dry fly pattern. The first version is a simple, stripped down high floating fly. The second video features the same fly with a lime green underwing.

Green McKenzie River Caddis

Green Mckenzie Caddis
Hook: TMC 100 or Gamakatsu F10 size 8-12
Thread: Uni 6/0 olive or green
Rib: Thread or Mono
Body:2mm Thin foam chartruese
Optional Underwing: Green McFly Foam or Z-lon
Wing: Natural Deer or Yearling Elk

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  1. Remo Capalfo says:

    Where Can I purchase McKenzie flies.

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