The Orvis “50/50 on the Water” Film Tour – March 3rd 2020

When: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 7 PM – 9 PM

Where: WildCraft Cider Works 232 Lincoln St, Eugene, Oregon 97401

Come and be inspired to get out on the water: The Orvis “50/50 on the Water” Film Tour features 12 fly-fishing films by and about female anglers! You’ll leave the event inspired and energized by the 90+ minutes of storytelling, which highlights anglers and fisheries from around the world. The 50/50 on the Water campaign aims to inspire more women to get out on the water and discover the joys of fly-fishing. By breaking down some of the barriers that keep women from enjoying time on the stream, we can add new perspectives and bring new voices into the sport. And if we are going to protect what we love through conservation efforts, the more voices the better.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, this event is sponsored by The Caddis Fly Angling Shop in partnership with McKenzie River Trust, REI, and Wildcraft Cider Works.

Register for this free event here: “50/50 on the water”

You can also register here: 50/50 Facebook

Sliding scale donations accepted at the door.

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Oregon’s Forest Practices Act Update


From Oregon TU Council

Yesterday, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced a historic agreement between conservation groups and timber companies that represents an important first step in a process that will see the most significant update of Oregon’s Forest Practices Act in decades.

This agreement, formalized as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the timber industry and major conservation groups, should deliver significant benefits for Oregon’s salmon, steelhead and native trout, particularly in rural communities affected by aerial spray of pesticides, and in the Siskiyou region for rivers such as the Rogue, Smith, and Chetco.

Trout Unlimited is pleased to support this agreement. TU staff in Oregon, including Oregon Director Chrysten Lambert, Senior Policy Advisor Chandra Ferrari, and Field Coordinator Kyle Smith, have been closely engaged in the process which produced it. Grassroots volunteer leaders have been in discussions with TU staff to ensure communication with members and supporters.

The new agreement bridges a longstanding divide between commercial timber interests and conservation organizations that will put Oregon on a path toward sustainable forest management. For too long, conservation and forestry interests have fought over the adequacy of existing rules without producing meaningful change.

Ferrari said, “We’re glad to see these divergent interests coming together to do what’s best for all Oregonians and commit to commonsense, science-based rules for managing Oregon’s forest lands that adequately protect people, fish and wildlife, and water quality.”

The agreement reached today resolves to provide immediate, beneficial changes to forest rules while also establishing an accountable, collaborative process to secure additional long-term changes to forest rules through a comprehensive Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).

Immediate reforms include changes to existing pesticide aerial spray rules that will include notice requirements for local communities, increased buffers to homes and schools and water intakes (from the existing 60 foot buffer requirement to a 300 foot buffer), and no spray within the Riparian Management Areas of fish streams (60, 70, 80 or 100 feet depending on stream type and fish species present).

The agreement also includes better streamside rules to protect the Rogue-Siskiyou region, primarily through increased riparian buffers that prevent logging in sensitive areas.

These changes represent a big step forward in the long struggle to better integrate management of Oregon’s timber resources with conservation of the state’s renowned coldwater fisheries. The new agreement will help protect people, drinking water sources, and salmon and steelhead populations in key rivers throughout the state, while sustaining Oregon’s tradition of working forests that provide jobs for rural communities.

Admittedly, the outcome of this collaborative process is uncertain. However, the progress of the initial discussions, including the immediate reforms, and meaningful support from the Governor’s office gives us optimism that a modernized Forest Practices Act – and better long-term protections for Oregon’s world-famous salmon and steelhead fisheries — is within reach.

View the OPB News Story Here

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Midnight Fire Balanced Leech Fly Tying Video – Rob Hrabik

In this video, fly fishing guide and ultra-mellow guy, Rob Hrabik stopped by to tie a favorite Pyramid Lake, NV. fly he uses for huge Lahontan cutthroat trout, the Midnight Fire Balanced Leech.

Using sewing pins and tungsten weights to keep the fly level or “balanced” to reduce snagging and increase hook-ups, the Midnight Fire Balanced Leech incorporates only a few materials of Simi Seal Dub & Midnight Fire Ice Dub blended together in one of Rob’s classic dubbing loops giving the fly great segmentation and durability.

Designed to be fished deep on a strip these flies would be great for smallmouth, largemouth, pike, and other large fishy critters.


Midnight Fire Balanced Leech
Hook: Daiichi 4660 Sizes 6-10
Pin: Sewing/Upholstery Pin Size 17
Bead: Black Nickel Tungsten Bead 1/8″
Thread: UTC Black 140D
Tail: Black Maribou & Black Krystal Flash
Body: Midnight Fire Ice Dub & Black Simi Seal Dub (waxed dubbing loop)
Glue: Zap A Gap

Fly Now Available at Caddis Fly: Midnight Fire Balanced Leech

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Tube Fly Introduction with Jay Nicholas 2020

In this blog, fly fisher Jay Nicholas explains the effectiveness of tube flies and the different parts of their anatomy. “If you can tie flies on a hook you can tie flies on a tube.” It’s really not that hard, but like all new things, you must familiarize yourself with the resources that are available. Jay does just that for you. Enjoy!

Tube Fly Intro

In this video, Jay Nicholas discusses types of tube flies, advantages using them, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to tie them.

Tube Fly Materials


In this video, Jay Nicholas discusses Pro Sportfisher’s variety of tubes for tying tube flies including the 40/40 tube, Micro (Nano) tube, and the Classic tube systems along with the Pro Sportfisher Flexineedle.

Pro Sportfisher:
40/40 Tube
Micro Tube/ Nano Tube
Classic Tube
Flexi Needle


In this video, Jay Nicholas discusses the different component options Pro Sportfisher offers including weights, cones, beads, hook guides, and much more.



In this video, Jay Nicholas reviews different hooks that could be used with tube flies.

Seated Hooks (straight eye):
Ahrex Minnow
Gamakatsu SL12S
Gamakatsu B10
Gamkatsu Glo Bug
Owner SSW

Trailing Hooks (up eye):
Owner SSW Up Eye
Gamakatsu Octopus
Aqua Talon

Rigging Hooks

In this video, Jay Nicholas shares a few ways to properly rig and seat your tube fly hooks.

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Black Seeker Jigged Nymph Fly Tying Video

In this video, Jay Nicholas ties a Black Seeker Jig Nymph.

Popular with the trout in New Zealand, this European style nymph pattern would work anywhere trout live. With a coq de leon tail, ribbed body, and a hot-spot collar, these flies are easy to tie and very effective for catching fish. With different color bodies, beads, and hot-spot collars, this fly could be tied in many different combinations.

Brown, Olive, and Black are basic color themes that are sure to be attractive to trout wherever you might fish – this Black Seeker jigged nymph rounds out the meal with a near-black, slender nymph that features a UV Shrimp Pink hot spot of Ice Dub.

Best wishes always, JN

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 8.16.06 AM


Hook: Gamakatsu J20B Size #16
Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0 Red
Bead: Mottled TacticalTungsten Slotted Beads 1/8″ Black
Lead Free Wire .015
Tail: Coq De Leon Brown
Body: Whitlock’s SLF Dubbing Hellgrammite
Rib: Ultra Wire Copper Brassie
Collar: Ice Dub UV Shrimp Pink

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2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour Coming to Eugene and Corvallis Soon



The Fly Fishing Film Tour is rapidly approaching several stops in the Willamette Valley in the next two weeks, with showings in Eugene and Corvallis offering the opportunity to skip the big crowds at Portland shows and pickup some great raffle items that benefit local Trout Unlimited Chapters.

The Eugene show kicks off at Venue 252 at 7pm on Wednesday, February 12. Tickets are $20 and available online or in the shop.

The Corvallis show, hosted by TU’s Blueback Chapter, is being held at OSU’s LaSells Stewart Center on Saturday, February 22. Tickets are $15 and available online.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 1.06.47 PM

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New OPST Rods and Full Line chart listings for OPST Lines


New Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactic Rods come to a crowded two handed rod market with unique designs and actions developed by Ed Ward. Pure Skagit and Micro Skagit Rods from 3-9wt offer models that will give anglers joy chasing everything from small trout to king salmon.

Unique to the two handed rod world the Micro Skagit models are “true to line size”. The 9’9″ 3wt is a particularly interesting rod. The 3wt makes single handed spey casts with ease and still offers a comfortable lower switch style grip for two handed cast options, think swinging soft hackles. The 10′ 4wt will handle larger heavier trout flies. The 3wt and 4wt models have cigar handle upper grips accentuating comfortable trout presentations. The 10’4″ #5 has a more traditional upper handle and is the perfect model for trout streamers in close or at distance.

OPST Pure Skagit rods have traditional double welled upper grips and shorter switch style lower grips. Pure Skagit rods have a medium fast action that casts off the upper third of the taper. Truly “skagit style line designed” from the get go, these rods don’t pretend to cast 19 different line configurations.

OPST rods are in stock at The Caddis Fly and we are offering a free line of your choice with each model.

Below are the line/rod recommendations for single and two handed rods looking to utilize the OPST Skagit style line set ups.


OPST line charts:


switch and double hand lines sink tips


switch-double hand-opst floating tips

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Jay’s Egg Eating Sculpin Steelhead Fly Tying Video

In this video, Jay ties an Egg Eating Sculpin Steelhead Fly. A great pattern for Steelhead and Sea Run Brown Trout. Add rubber legs for more action.


Hook: Ahrex NS115
Bead: Pro Flexi Bead Small Pink
Thread: Veevus 6/0 Black
Tail: Olive Wooly Bugger Marabou
Body: Senyo’s Fusion Dub Krusty Nail
Hackle: Grizzly Marabou Saddle Tan

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2020 Introduction to Fly Fishing Class Schedule


Introduction to Fly Fishing. We have been introducing anglers to basic casting skills for almost 30 years. Inspired by the original casting classes held by Les Eichorn, Bob Guard, Lefty Krieg and Mel Krieger this 6 hour class will have interested anglers on their way to fly casting mastery. Basic tackle discussions, casting, knots,entomology and fly presentation will be covered. All tackle, textbook is included and we maintain a one instructor to 5 student ratio. Four hours of the course will be on water casting. Cost is $55, all equipment is provided, sign up at the shop or call 541-342-7005 to sign up.

Class Schedule for 2020 : Classes on two dates are Friday evening (6-8PM) at the shop and Saturday at Alton Baker Park (9am-12:30pm).
March 27,28
April 24,25
May 29,30
June 19,20
July 17,18
Aug 21,22
Sept 18,19
Oct 16,17
Nov 6,7

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Custom Flies Tied in the USA – Midnight Sun Custom Flies

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.55.47 PM

The Caddis Fly Angling Shop/ is proud to offer a selection of fantastic steelhead fly patterns from Midnight Sun Custom Flies. Jonathan Farmer and friends have created a selection of flies tied in the USA by skilled fly tiers using top notch materials and innovative designs. The patterns are suited to both summer and winter fishing conditions. Come by and check them out or visit our web page. Midnight Sun Flies.

FullSizeRender Midnight Sun Sure Shot Shrimp

IMG-4999 Midnight Sun Rhea Spey

IMG-5236 Midnight Sun Steel Your Face

IMG-5002Midnight Sun Revenger

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Steelhead Net Pens in Washington?


From the Wild Steelhead Coalition

We at the Wild Steelhead Coalition are extremely disappointed that the Department of Fish and Wildlife has approved Cooke Aquaculture’s application to farm “steelhead” in Washington’s public waters. It is particularly concerning that WDFW failed to require a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) analysis, which Wild Steelhead Coalition and other groups and tribes requested. Given the disease, pollution and other risks associated with open-water fish farms, Endangered Species Act listings in place to protect Puget Sound’s native salmon and steelhead, and Cooke’s clear history of operational failures, we believe this application requires more thorough oversight.

With Canada recently announcing plans to phase out open-water fish farms in British Columbia by 2025, Washington is on track to become the only West Coast state or province still allowing these risky industrial operations in sensitive public waters, undermining native salmon and steelhead recovery efforts.

Critically, we’re calling on the state Department of Natural Resources, Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz and Governor Jay Inslee to deny the aquatic leases necessary for Cooke’s proposal to move forward. DNR’s mandate is to insure public benefits outweigh public risks from leases on public lands and waters; this proposal clearly does not meet that bar. We also expect the Department of Ecology to thoroughly scrutinize Cooke’s proposal in consideration of pollution impacts.

Washington tribes, agencies, non-profits and everyday citizens have worked for decades to clean up Puget Sound, and recover the wild fish, orca whales and priceless marine life that depends on these waters. For our state to continue to permit a Canadian corporation with a tarnished record to operate disaster-prone industrial fish farms in our marine waters would be a massive step backward.

Thousands of Washingtonians and the state legislature came together in 2018 to pass legislation phasing out Atlantic salmon fish farms. This was a clear expression of the people’s desire to prioritize our public waters and native fish over private polluters. The Department of Natural Resources, Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz, Governor Inslee and other elected leaders must heed the will of Washingtonians in blocking Cooke Aquaculture’s latest misguided fish farm proposal. A healthy, wild future for Puget Sound depends on it.

See November 2019 comments from Wild Steelhead Coalition for more information and details regarding environmental risks, or our July 2019 statement for additional background on this proposal.

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Three totally and utterly dependable shooting/running lines – Nicholas’ Review

I fish single and two hand fly rods for salmon in estuaries, and I often use shooting heads manufactured by Rio and Scientific Anglers.

With  over a decade experience fishing various products, I can whole heartedly report that the three specific shooting lines  (often referred to as running lines) I show here are dependable.

I think it is relevant to note that I am very tough on my tackle, rods reels, lines and such forth. I fish long hours, and I fish around rocks, ledges, sticks, and logs. Dawn to dark days on the water are followed by food, sleep, and my return to the river at dawn the next day.

This means that I subject my tackle – all of it – to a very high stress test.

The three shooting lines featured here are

My three favorite shooting lines, Rio Slickshooter, Airflo Impact, and Airflo High Performance Intermediate.

My three favorite shooting lines, Rio Slickshooter, Airflo Impact, and Airflo High Performance Intermediate.

Rio SlickShooter 50 # this is a flat/oval mono

Airflo impact 44# this is a flat/oval mono

Airflo intermediate 30#  a coated intermediate fly line that is very small diameter

All of these shooting/running lines have performed at the highest level and have never disappointed.

Certainly, other shooting lines are out there on the shelves at fly shops, but I can only report the absolute reliability of these lines owing to the many years I fished them with such success.

Jay Nicholas – november 2019


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Silveynator Tube Fly Tying Video with New Bling Rabbit Strips

In this video, fly fishing guide & tyer Rob Hrabik (@sierraflyguy) ties an effective steelhead fly that originated here in the PNW using Hareline’s new Bling Rabbit Strips……Brian Silvey’s Silveynator.

A deadly winter steelhead fly, the Silveynator sinks like a rock, but cast with ease to get to where the fish are. With different colors this fly could be all you need in your fly box. Black, purple, pink, and chartreuse are the classic colors that steelhead key in on. Available in regular widths and magnum widths. Just add your favorite stinger hook and you’re good to go.


Bling Rabbit Strip (Purple/Siver Holo)


Pro Sportfisher Micro Tube Clear
Pro Sportfisher Hook Guide Clear Med.
Uni Thread 6/0 Purple
Bling Rabbit Strips Purple/Silver Holo
Flashabou Purple
Ostrich Herl Purple
Saddle Hackle Purple
Ice Dub Purple
Pro Sportfisher Flexibead Fl. Pink Small
Zap A Gap

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Jay’s Curved Shank Carp Fly Tying Video

In this video, Jay ties a curved shank Carp Fly. This fly will ride hook side up and sit on the bottom of the water for hungry carp.


Hook: Daiichi 1120
Thread: Danville’s 140D Fire Orange
Eyes: Chicone’s Stealth Bead Chain Eyes
Tail: Ultra Chenille
Wiggle: Chicone’s Crusher Legs
Body: Senyo’s Fusion Dub Brown
Collar: Grizzly Marabou Patch
Head: Senyo’s Fusion Dub Crusty Nail

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Winter Redfishing with Capt Ken


Capt Nate sent me a note about Redfishing on the Gulf Coast.

Hey Chris,

If you know anyone looking to do the Gulf Coast winter redfish program please let me (or more specifically Capt. Ken Jones) know.

I just got back from a wild trip on the water (and on Bourbon Street).

For more information and available dates here is a link: and he’s fishing near Chalmette which is 20 minutes from New Orleans International Airport (MSY).

Below is an almost 40″ fish we got to eat a popper! The fishing is insane and Ken is dialed in…

Here are some fun older OFFB posts with Capt Ken.’s-bachelor-party-full-moon-texas-tarpon/

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