Postcards from the Upper McKenzie June 2021

Had a great weekend fishing the upper McKenzie!











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Catch Magazine Video and Cool Fathers Day “Give Aways”

Last Fall our friends Todd and Kelly Moen of Catch Magazine captured one of my favorite places, the upper McKenzie. I love all of Todd’s work and Catch Magazine is well worth the subscription.

Catch Magazine is running some pretty cool promotions at the moment.

1. Subscribe to Catch Magazine’s Youtube Channel and you will be entered to win a Winston Air 2 rod.

2. Purchase a Gift Subscription to Catch Magazine for someone and you will be entered to win a Bauer RVR Reel. Purchase at this link:

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Loon Tailgate Talks: Euro Nymphing Video

Our friend Matt Callies from Loon Outdoors gives an overview on Euro Nymphing tactics, rigs and accessories needed.

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“Showery” Conditions lead to Mayfly Hatches on the McKenzie


We have had a few wet days of late on the McKenzie River and mayflies have been hatching daily. Green Drakes and Pale Morning Duns have been out in good numbers. Additionally small brown and yellow stoneflies, small caddis and a few salmon flies have been around.

Must have patterns for early June include the following:

Parachute Adams
Parachute Green Drake
Gunnison Green Drake
Tilt Wing PMD
Thorax PMD
Missing Link Honey Ant

All of the above are mid sized dries, it’s a great time to have some good dry fly fishing before the summer heat returns.


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Jigged Stonefly Nymph Fly Tying Video

20210429_125023 (1)

In this video, Justin ties a fantastic jigged stonefly pattern. The fly doesn’t have much bulk to it, and will sink like a stone for sure. Bouncing this stonefly off the river bottom on any nymph rig using nearly any tightline or suspension nymphing technique is a surefire way to fool some trout. Let us know if you like it by leaving a comment or liking the video!

Hook: Umpqua XT500, Sz 8
Bead: 3/16″ Slotted Tungsten, Black Nickel
Thread: 70D Danville, Flo. Fire Orange
Tail: Black Stripped Goose Biot
Dubbing: Ice Dub Peacock Black
Body: Vinyl Rib, Black, Midge
Legs: Lifeflex, Black
Wing Case: 1/100 Micro Flashabou, Scud back, 1/8″ Black

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From Native Fish Society

In a new short film from Pacific Rivers, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden discusses Oregon’s treasured rivers and streams, The River Democracy Act, and what it would mean to build on his landmark legislation and do something truly meaningful for all Oregonians, present and future.

The River Democracy Act from Pacific Rivers on Vimeo.

+ Earlier this year, Senator Wyden, alongside Senator Jeff Merkley, reintroduced the Oregon Recreation Enhancement Act. Take a moment to sign the NFS Action Alert thanking Senators Wyden and Merkley for their commitment to clean water, outdoor recreation, and healthy fish runs.

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EWEB to lower Walterville Canal starting Friday

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 7.34.44 PM

It’s been a weird water week on the McKenzie River. The river jumped due to snow melt and water releases on the upper end of the system. It’s now dropping again. Next weeks cooler temps should bring the river down even more. Additionally you will see the lower river get added water with the lowering of the Walterville Canal. Fish like water so expect fishing to be good in the coming days. More water in the lower river is great to see, keeping water temps cooler will extend the lower river quality fishing.

Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 7.35.09 PM


The Eugene Water & Electric Board will begin dewatering the Walterville Power Canal on Friday, June 4, to clean and make repairs to the Walterville fish screen at Partridge Lane, complete maintenance on the Walterville Powerhouse and inspect the canal embankments.

The work is expected begin on Monday, June 7, and requires the utility to drain the canal to minimum levels.

The shutdown of the Walterville generating facility and power canal is expected to last about 20 days. EWEB anticipates re-watering of the canal will commence around June 25, depending on the progress of planned maintenance.

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Phlashy Pheasant Tail Jig Nymph Fly Tying Video


Today we have another jig nymph tied by Justin Helm. This fly is a great guide fly; the “phlashy pheasant jig” is an attractor pattern that is quick to tie, versatile, and fishes great. Mix and match different colors in the tag, body, CDC hackle, and dubbings in the thorax to suit your needs — this is a surefire fly to fill your nymph box with.

Hook: Umpqua XC450, Sz10
Bead: 3/16″ Slotted Tungsten, Gold
Thread: Danville 70D Flo. Fire Orange
Tag: Glo Brite Floss Hot Orange
Body: Pheasant Tail
Rib: 1/100 Micro Flashabou, Copper Wire Sz Brassie
Dubbing: Ice Dub Tan, Ice Dub Peacock Black
Hackle: CDC Super Select, Brown Grey

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McKenzie River Fishing Report May 27, 2021

Bugs 5

The bugs are out! It was a classic dry fly fishing day on the upper Mckenzie this week. The hatch brought many fish to the surface mid day and into the early evening.

Parachute Adams (large), Klinkhammer, yellow sallies, and Mckenzie Green were the proven winners. With warm temps slated for the weekend and into the following week…it should be very good for top water action. No doubt about it…it’s time to get out there!

Bugs 3

Bugs 4

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Justifier Nymph Fly Tying Video

20210429_125131 (1)

Today Justin ties his variation of another local guide Clay Holloway’s pattern, the Clay Maker. Clay’s original is tied with a flashy copper body, and Justin makes a change to the fly with a peacock colored theme. Justin fished the fly consistently over the past year for trout in the area, and it has been a tremendous producer. Try it out, make variations of your own, and let us know what you come up with!

Hook: Umpqua XC450, Sz10
Bead: 3/16″ Slotted Tungsten Bead, Gold
Thread: 70D Danville, Flo. Fire Orange
Tail: Lagartun Mini Flatbraid, Peacock
Body: Lagartun Mini Flatbraid, Peacock
Rib: Copper Wire, Brassie
Thorax: Rainbow Scud Dub
Legs: Lagartun Mini Flatbraid, Peacock

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Take Action to Keep Oregon’s Wild Fish Wild! – Speak out against HB 3150



From Native Fish Society

Right now, Oregon’s state legislature is considering a bill, HB 3150, that will require ODFW to utilize hatch boxes in southern Oregon, a strategy that is ineffective at bolstering commercial and recreational fisheries and threatens the conservation and recovery of wild fish populations. Hatch boxes place fish eggs from a fish hatchery directly in a river instead of hatching the eggs and rearing the young fish in a hatchery facility. This management scheme was abandoned by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife due to its ineffectiveness (very few fish survive to adulthood) and because it complicates the management of wild and hatchery fish populations.

Specifically, hatch boxes have the following problems:

1) Hatch boxes harm wild fish populations and impede recovery efforts;

2) Hatch boxes fail to contribute to sustaining or improving fisheries;

3) Hatch boxes impede ODFW’s ability to meet the state’s legal obligations, Endangered
Species Act mandates, and conservation plan directives;

4) Hatch boxes are inconsistent with the state’s Native Fish Conservation Policy;

5) Hatch boxes divert the department’s limited resources; and

6) Hatch boxes risk the resiliency wild fish need to survive our changing climate

Please take a moment right now to sign the action alert to legislators today and join the groundswell of public support that is speaking out against HB 3150 and speaking up for wild fish!


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Trout Unlimited works with Companies like ours to Stand up for Wild Salmon

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 8.13.07 PM

Take out the Lower Four! and are proud supporters of efforts to remove the four lower Snake River dams.

Check out TU president Chris Wood’s article below.

The tipping point for salmon and steelhead

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EWEB diverting less water into power canal to improve fish passage


From Joe Harwood Eugene Water and Electric Board

Eugene Water & Electric Board Generation staff on Thursday afternoon started diverting less water into the Walterville Power Canal to increase McKenzie River flows in the bypassed reach of the river to improve fish migration and water quality.

Under the federal operating license, the Walterville hydroelectric project is allowed to divert up to 2,577 cubic feet per second (cfs) into the canal during normal operations. The license requires EWEB to maintain minimum instream flows of 1,000 cfs in the bypassed reach of the McKenzie at all times.

However, in 2018 EWEB made an operational decision to voluntarily adjust the flow going into the Walterville Canal during low flow years in order to maintain 10% more flow in the river than the canal from June through October. Maintaining more flow in the river than in the canal improves fish migration and enhances water quality and recreational use during the summer months.

With the unseasonably warm and dry conditions this spring, and with adult salmon already present in the McKenzie River, staff made the decision to keep more water in the river immediately. EWEB had planned to begin diverting less water to the canal on May 20 due to the low flows.

“We decided to put more water in the bypassed reach of the McKenzie River at this time because we are hearing anecdotally that adult Spring Chinook are showing up a bit earlier than usual,” said EWEB Generation Manager Lisa Krentz. “This will have a minor financial impact, but with the low river conditions we’re experiencing, we felt it was the right decision.”

On Thursday morning, the power canal was running at about 1,700 cfs, and the bypassed reach of the McKenzie was flowing at about 1,200 cfs. By Friday morning, the bypass reach will be running at approximately 1,700 cfs and the canal at 1,200 cfs.

This is the third year EWEB has voluntarily decreased diversion into the canal to maintain an additional 10% more flow in the river. This “low-flow” operation will continue through October.

The Walterville powerhouse, located off Camp Creek Road northeast of Springfield, can generate about 8 megawatts of electricity, enough to power approximately 4,000 homes or roughly equal to about 3% of Eugene’s average daily consumption of electricity.

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Lower Mckenzie Report : Mid May 2021

Lower 3Lower Mckenzie continues to produce! We saw a sporadic hatch of Mckenzie Green Caddis, Yellow Sallies, and tan caddis.        Most of our fish were caught nymphing with Mega Prince  and  the infamous Possie Bugger.   However, keeping a keen eye for the random surface rises brought fish to the wet Mckenzie Caddis.   Looks like the warmer weather will continue for the weekend.   Time to get out there!     Lower 2

Lower 4

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Smallmouth bite is On! May 2021


The Willamette River and tributaries are seeing some quality fly fishing for smallmouth bass presently. Lower and warmer water have the bass lighting up to patterns like RIO Meat Sweats, Micro Game Changers and Double Barrel Poppers.


Give Alex a shout at the shop for more info on locations and more.

Check out more info on bass in this informative video from Matt Callies of Loon Outdoors.

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